Be yourself and you can be anything


People who live the most fulfilling lives are the ones who always rejoice at what they have. They choose to think about what can be achieved, rather than what can’t. They decide to be themselves, External factors don’t bog them down.

You may have heard someone say this about beliefs. It sounds contradictory, even ridiculous, but you had better believe that it’s right! Understanding your beliefs, how they control your life and the traps caused by feelings is a key ingredient in the mental game of success.

They create a mindset of growth. They nurture it. It’s simple, the thoughts you adopt are what end up happening to you. Don’t idle your mind, spark it up. The more you nourish your mind with positive thoughts, the more you entice great things into your life.

be yourself and you can be anything

They create a happy life. Yes, you have to build it. Every day, look for what you can do to become happier. Don’t expect life just to become satisfied on its own. You control your life.

Indeed, how you see yourself means everything since it is impossible to know how another person is going to feel, think or even look at you. When you realize it, you can then focus on the only sure thing in your life that you can control, and that is how you think, perceive and feel free about yourself.

Your first duty to yourself is to know and understand yourself and your inner world before you try to know and understand the world outside of you. We have spent most of our time studying history, geography, science, economics, mathematics, literature, languages, astrology and all else about the world, but practically no time to know ourselves and our inner world. Yet with so much knowledge of the world and how things are, our lives have not become more comfortable. On the contrary, we are still confused about life, and we suffer pain and struggle. We feel powerless to change our circumstances and would pay anything to know how we can be masters of our destiny.

Every time you find yourself making one of those;

-“I can’t…” statements, turn it into a “How can I…”statement 

-“I can’t make more money” becomes “How can I make more money.” 

With this, the word Impossible becomes I`m possible!

Can you feel the difference? If you do this consistently, you’d better believe that you will find a difference in your life!

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