How I got inspired to lose 50 pounds


What inspired me to lose weight 

A few months ago, I walked up to the mirror on the door of my closet to see my reflection. I couldn't recognize the stranger staring back at me from the opposite side of the mirror.  The face on the mirror was mine - may be a little robust with puffy cheeks -  but, it was mine. But when did I gain this extra weight? At that point, I made a decision within myself, and I meant it with every bone in my body. I said to myself: Hey you need to lose weight: not for the sake of the world, and not because you need to change anything about yourself to fit in. On the other hand, weight gained can be shed: this excess weight that I've gained can be Shed. I just needed to know how.

What I did to lose weight

The moment I had decided to do something about those extra pounds, I started looking for how to actualize it. I read a few weight loss articles, watched a few videos of testifiers that were once like me: obese, determined to lose weight, without knowing how to go about it. At the end of the day, I arrived at a critical conclusion: if you want to lose weight, you need to plan your meals and hit the gym. I was very determined to actualize this newfound dream.

I signed up at the gym and got myself a trainer.  I made sure I was regular at the gym, spending nothing less than 2 hours 5 days a week. My everyday routine required me to work with dumbbells, treadmills, medicine balls, and a few light weights. Through meal prep and regular exercise with my trainer, I got my desired results – I lost 50 pounds.

What it meant for me

Shedding 50 pounds of weight has been perhaps the most amazing experience I have ever had. I felt ecstatic. I thought losing weight will only help me physically, but I was very far off. Prior to the time, I lost 50 pounds; I didn’t know that my confidence needed a boost. But After losing 50 pounds through my commitment to exercise and meal prep, my confidence got the boost it needed. Which implies that I can accomplish anything – if I make a plan and stay true to my goal. This experience has inspired me to write my first book about how I jumpstarted my fitness motivation and Tunnel Vision


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    You are truly awesome!!! I appreciate your transparency and I am working so hard on my fitness journey . Im determined to be the BEST VERSION OF ME!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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