I’m Not Afraid to Run! Weight No More Shreveport 5k Event


Let’s work together for more than weight-training and diet plans. I want us to build a life that feels good! As the ThickFit By Schlond community grows, I have the opportunity to meet fitness lovers and those aspiring to reach their fitness goals.

I started this journey because I wanted to be honest with myself...and you! I believe through honesty and positivity, we can do anything while inspiring the people around us to be better.

Some of us love lifting weights, while others love yoga. It’s all a give & take! I want to explore all areas of fitness to set a positive example for my followers, friends, and gym family—because sometimes, all it takes is a little push to see that you TOO can try something new.

I wanted to prove my dedication to facing new challenges head-on by making the trip out to Shreveport, LA with my gym fam to the Weight No More 5k event!

As part of my new mission to support exciting wellness events of all kinds, I decided to drive from Atlanta to Shreveport. We made so many new friends at the Weight No More 5k, and it’s an event I will definitely be part of the next time around.

I was able to meet people from Shreveport and hear their stories and goals, plus see them compete against themselves in the race. It was truly an inspiration. I was even able to chat about ThickFitBySchlond.com and my soon-to-be-released book. Let me tell you; there’s nothing like making new connections!

This outreach is part of my overall approach that looks at fitness by analyzing the whole person in terms of self-development, not by focusing on things such as the weight on a scale or how much a person can lift.

By helping inspire and encourage lifestyle improvement in a caring and sensitive way, real results are delivered that last. This is the Schlond difference!

Don’t be surprised if my friends and I show up at your local 5k! If you want to get in the mix, make sure to meet up with us at the Weight No More Event on July 13 in Houston, TX. I can’t wait to see you there!


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