The Ultimate Transformation Tuesday


When I think of the woman in the “before” picture, I see so much sadness in her eyes. I knew that I was not living my best life and that I was operating well below my potential. Living in a shell of myself did not serve me or my higher calling. I finally made up my mind to make a change and never look back.

Weight loss is about more than looking good in that body-con dress (...which is an amazing perk, by the way!). It’s about setting a positive example for your children. It's about recognizing that your body is a temple of the Most High—

and should be treated as such. It's about living a long, plentiful life that is full of adventure and exciting journeys. 

When you are overweight, you are fatigued, in pain. You can’t move around like you can once you decide to make a change for the better.

It’s time to start asking yourself, “Who would I be if I afforded myself the God-given right to live my absolute best life?” What is stopping you from making that change? Often, we are tired of the way that things are going but don’t have the willpower or unction to commit to a healthier lifestyle.  

Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight; you must know that the change that you seek is in each and every decision you make. When you decide to abstain from that second helping or choose to get up a little earlier in the morning to get a workout in, the small steps add up. I know that it sounds cliche, but it really is that simple. Make a choice daily that you want and deserve to treat your body right!  

I want to discuss the topic of personal development with you. How often do you take the time to assess your strengths and areas that could use improvement?  

Taking the first step may be a bit disconcerting, but I can help you! I can help you discover yourself and identify traits and habits that may be crippling you.  You don’t have to figure this out on your own. I can guide you through the journey to self-confidence.  

My latest book, Tunnel Vision, will assist you in goal crushing and maintaining your new lifestyle. If you are tired of the lifelong struggle and are ready to course-correct, I’m here to help! Pick up your copy of Tunnel Vision today.


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