Tunnel Vision Mindset – Staying in Line With Your Thoughts


Thinking is an inevitable mental process, and your mind is responsible for it. You can build or spoil your world with your most powerful tool – the mind. If you master how to stay in line and own up your thoughts, you can bring the change you crave to have in your life and environs.

Everyone has thoughts, some do more than others, but the control you have over your thoughts can have a significant impact on your life. Your mind produces thoughts that affect your perception and interpretation of reality.

Master Your Mind

You don’t only have the ability to think, you also observe your thoughts. To stay in line with your thoughts, you need to master your mind and pay attention to your thoughts.

Start each day with a clear intention of paying deep attention to your mind and the thoughts it produces. This way, you can spot when your mind is trying to produce undesirable thoughts.

Here’s how to control what your mind produces:

  • Interrupt and replace your thoughts
  • Total elimination

For the former, you try to interrupt the upcoming/existing thoughts that are undesirable by reprogramming your subconscious mind and replace them. Apparently, the replacement thoughts should be what you want to think about and it should vary with scenarios.

The latter method often results in peace of mind. It might not be quite easy but entails eliminating every undesirable thought and letting your mind be calm.

Simple Ways to Free Your Mind

As mentioned ab initio, a mind is a powerful tool, and most times, it gets occupied. But then, some of the things that bother the human mind are not very relevant, and you need to let them go. Simply free up your mind to stay in line with the necessary thoughts it has to process. Here are some simple ways to free up your mind.

Learn to forgive - It would be better if you practiced the art of forgiving. It could be yourself of other people. This helps you move quickly from the past and negative thoughts to a better state of mind.

Exercise – as simple as it may sound, exercise does a whole lot to the mind. It takes your attention away from your mind while causing the release of hormones that calm your mind.

Meditate – This works well if you want to free your mind. You might not necessarily need to burn candles and take some positions. Simply stay calm and let thoughts enter and leave your mind without truly engaging with them.

Stop feeling guilty – Don’t let your mind make you feel powerless because you’re trapped in guilt. Don’t beat up yourself by feeling too guilty; find ways to free your mind and stay away from guilt-tripping.

Tunnel Vision advocates you take care of your mind while staying healthy and wealthy. All I want is to help you stay in line with your thoughts, have control over it and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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