What’s In Your Lunch Box?


What’s In Your Lunch Box?

A busy life and schedule can make you compromise on your diet and choice of meals. Imagine a possible scenario where you woke up late and still had to rush to work. Boom! You pack and put anything edible in your lunch box and leave.

You’re not alone. But guess what? It isn’t a healthy practice and can be very detrimental to your fitness journey. I know, sometimes, you get hungry during the day and make some poor last-minute decisions about your meal. 

How about you become more intentional about the things in your lunch box? Whether you’re in haste or relaxed, you should always prioritize having some sugar-free snack in your lunchbox. This will help you stay in line with your fitness journey.

Are you wondering how to make this happen? It might not be very easy picking the right snacks or meal to put in your lunch box. But don’t fret; I’ll help you.

In this post, I’ll show you some sugar-free snacks and low-calorie meals you can put in your lunch box and take along anywhere. Of course, they will keep you in line with your fitness journey.

Do you have these in your lunch box?

To start with, you need some sugar–free snacks in your box. You can opt for sugar-free Jello that has about 10 calories.

Other sugar-free lunch box treats include:

  • Choc raspberry bites
  • Pikelets
  • Veggie packed frittatas
  • Pear chips
  • Crustless quiches
  • Organic Gemini TigerNuts
  • Sugar-free chocolate spread
  • OneBar Cherry Fruit Bar
  • And many more….

Apart from snacks, you can put some clean, fresh, and healthy fruits in your lunch box. However, it’s good to note that most dried fruits are high in sugar and should be best left out of your lunch box. You can also try vegetable sticks or mixed vegetables like carrot sticks, tomatoes, cucumber, and capsicum.

Another interesting thing is this – we talked about meal prep here. So, you can take along your homemade meal to your workplace and enjoy it whenever the cravings set in. You don’t have to make some last-minute decisions that will compromise your fitness journey with these.

It might not be very easy for people who are new to their fitness journey to spot what to eat and those to avoid. In fact, selecting sugar-free snacks to put in their lunch box can be quite a herculean task. In some cases, they end up compromising their fitness journey. Don’t worry; at Tunnel Vision Mindset, we believe it’s mindset over everything, especially when you have someone to guide you.

As long as it relates to building your dream body, I’ll stand by you to ensure you make it happen. For your lunch box, I can help you tailor snacks and meals to hasten your fitness journey. Kindly reach out to me, and I’d be glad to discuss this with you.

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