What You Might Not Know About Protein and Strength Training


“If you must engage in exercises, do well to eat balanced meals” – this might sound familiar to you if you often hit the gym or engage in some exercises. Scratch that! You don’t have to eat everything. In fact, some foods you might want to take are sure to set you back on your fitness journey.

If you do strength training, I’ll tell you for free that you need protein. Of course, you know exercises stress the muscles. Resistance or strength trainers who put their muscles to work often need something to repair the muscles and reduce muscle soreness.

Sit back with a glass of your favorite drink while I unveil these things to you. Got no favorite? A glass of water will do.

Let’s dive in!

Protein May Cause Increased Strength and Muscle Mass

Did you know that protein stands out as the building block of the human muscles? Well, protein makes up muscles.

So, an adequate intake of protein will help promote muscle growth and maintain muscle mass. If you’re trying to gain muscle and are physically active, you should do all it takes to get enough protein.

If you want to gain muscle strength and mass while preventing muscle loss as a strength trainer, then you need protein. It helps in boosting glycogen and muscle repair.

Protein May Reduce Cravings

Any resistance trainer who can control their cravings is most likely to get better results. Yes, it could be mindset over everything when it comes to controlling cravings, but that’s not all. Eating more protein is likely to reduce the quest for late-night snacking which often hinders many people from reaching their strength training goals.

Don’t Strength Train If You Don’t Take Enough Protein

Without adequate nutrition, it’s not advisable to strength train. Most especially, if you don’t take enough protein and go into strength training, you may likely lose your muscle tissue.

According to nutrition organizations, on average, a 150-pound person should consume about 55.5g of protein daily. But then, you don’t just have to snack on a whole 55.5g protein at a go. Spread it out to serve you throughout the day.

However, you need to be conscious of the high protein foods you take as some of them can be rich in saturated fats. This is why I like taking RCP, protein-rich chocolate I often buy from Shake Sum Cafe.

One thing is certain; ‘you must keep going to keep going.’ For better fitness results, you must show up every day, engage in your strength training sessions diligently and go for the right meals. I truly care about your fitness, wellness and mental well-being; so you can always reach out to me if you need assistance. I’m always here to assist.

Keep training!

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