Our Philosophy Behind the Brand to Inspire and Motivate

Schlond is a brand that inspires you to be steadfast in the pursuit of who you want to become. My philosophy of life advocates that the best way to start is to start and keep going. according to this philosophy I look to inspire anyone that comes my way to start their journey and grow through the possible challenges that may occur.
I believe in personal fitness and development, that’s why I go out of our way to help all our clients and brand lovers, achieve these things. Whether you’re just starting up with your fitness journey or you’re already into it but feel you can’t go further, we’re always by you to let you know how much you can achieve. With a wealth of experience in coaching and watching people grow and develop their fitness level, im experienced enough to know how to carry you along.
Your spirit is willing, even though your body feels weak, you need to discover you in you if you must ride on – that’s why we’re here for you. Our experience in handling tough fitness problems makes us the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts. With an age-long passion for working hard and dedicating so much to achieve any given goal, we can guide you through your lowest moments and make a bounce back on the track to your fitness goals.

Schlond is ready to share daily motivational tips not just to let you feel better but to let you know your worth, and there’s no end to what you can achieve. We’re committed to making you dust yourself today, discover the real you and go for who you want to be. Your fitness and motivated soul matter a lot, and we’re here to be your partner throughout this journey, right from the start.

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