Schlonda's Story

Schlonda is becoming a revolutionary in the health and fitness industry. She continues to stride in her weight-loss journey while showing her audience her process of #REAL ups and downs. It is one of the many reasons why her story is so motivating to over 60,000 people. The obstacles and battles that schlonda has experienced in her life left her body feeling weighed down. Before she knew it, she weighed almost 300 pounds. After a look in the mirror one day, she realized how much drive she lost. Not having enough energy or stamina to tackle daily tasks effectively led her to depression. She knew something had to change. ​That's when Schlonda created #TUNNELVISION MINDSET and took her health into her own hands—no shortcuts or quick fixes. The incredible work and real-life results she showed have allowed others to follow her weight-loss journey. With over 64K followers on Instagram, Schlonda is changing the game as a fitness influencer, Health and Wellness Coach, and Brand Ambassador for million-dollar health and fitness companies worldwide. Schlonda's passion for healthy living and a healthy lifestyle has allowed her to change people's lives, make companies millions, and overall continue to inspire her fans with her weight-loss journey!

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