Tunnel Vision

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When the dietary pills and plans didn’t shed the pounds, she tried surgery. When that didn’t work, she became her own savior. Hiring a personal trainer was one of the first steps to achieving her objective of not only losing weight but mastering herself. Now she’s ready to share that journey. Through Schlonda’s relentless battle with her weight, Tunnel Vision relates to the challenges you may be confronted with and the hell-or-high-water motivation to soldier on.


As you know, the physical release is only half the battle. To achieve your goals in life, you have to channel all of your affection towards your personal growth and do away with distractions and persons who threaten your confidence. This book highlightsthe importance of mental wellbeing through self-love, self-reflection, and seeking solace in God.


After achieving your desired result of a healthy and fit body through the combination of a proper diet, a custom workout routine, a productive mindset, and accountability, you now have to maintain it. Tunnel Vision teaches you how to not only reach your goalsbut how to turn your success into a sustainable lifestyle as well.


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Tunnel Vision
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